NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager


nssm should work under Windows 2000 or later. Specifically, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are supported. 32-bit and 64-bit binaries are included in the download. Most of the time it should be safe to run the 32-bit version on 64-bit Windows but in some circumstances you may find that it doesn't work and you must use the 64-bit version. Both versions are compiled from the same source code. If one works for you, use that one. If it doesn't, try the other.

Latest release

nssm 2.21.1 (2013-12-03)

Version 2.21.1 is not fully translated. Translations gratefully received.

Featured pre-release

nssm 2.21-135-g620fc9f (2014-04-01)

nssm is built with the Jenkins continuous integration server. You can download any available build if you are feeling brave.

Looking for version 2.22?

Recently-updated documentation refers to features available "as of version 2.22." The features will be included in version 2.22 but are currently only available in a 2.21-* pre-release builds.

Source code

Source code is included in the download or you can browse gitweb and view the Changelog

You can also clone the repo from git://git.nssm.cc/nssm/nssm.git or http://git.nssm.cc/nssm/nssm.git with git.

Chocolatey package

nssm can be installed with Chocolatey. The Chocolatey package is built and maintained by a third party and may not correspond to the latest build available here.